It took a cosmically improbable combination of circumstances to lead to what is now the music of Jonny October. His father is gifted in radio broadcasting, stage acting/directing and poetry. Mom is a professional Broadway voice coach, and brother Edward is a classically trained pianist. Growing up in this environment, with the vinyl of Harry Chapin, Paul Simon and Gordon Lightfoot spinning in the background, Jon forged a sound all his own: a combination of prose, poetry, stage presence and informed musicianship.

Jonny October is New York man in just about every sense of the word. After his birth in Manhattan, Jon grew up in both Brooklyn and Rockland County, and after earning his degree from Penn State University, wound up right back in Brooklyn.

A motivated self-starter, since college Jonny October has been creating opportunities to deliver his music where none existed before. With a collection of friends at Penn State, he hosted an underground radio program, founded a monthly campus hip-hop showcase, founded a hip-hop group (The Poison Ivy League, with Tony Wiz and Troy Walsh), and even created an independent study course to gain access to the school recording studio…all while earning course credit.

Clearly a man who wants a hand in everything, Jonny has also collected an impressive handful of collaborations in a short time, including work with Brooklyn legend Masta Ace, Rhymesayers up-and-comer Grieves, New Yorks Louis Logic, and Juice Crew member Craig G. Hes also clocked three national tours in four years with artists such as PackFM, Louis Logic, Corina Corina, The MC Type, and Slow Dance.

Having a particular affinity for the visual arts, Jonny October fully came into his own with the professionally produced music video for S.R.I directed by Jed Rosenberg and Ethan Blum. Alongside the Halloween 2011 release of debut album “The Wheelhouse”, Jon released a short thriller film, ODDUM, which he co-wrote and co-directed, as well as collaborated on the score with his brother Eddie (Box B) Barton.

Box B and Jonny have now teamed up for a fully realized album combining Box’s production talents and Jonny’s lyricism into a project that will boast fantastic cinematic video productions with the help of the talented Cinematographer Eric Brouse.

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